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COREFX Barbell Pad

  • The COREFX Barbell Pad features anti-slip foam cushioning to help reduce the risk of injury and relieve pressure during barbell squats and hip thrusts. This Extra thick foam cushioning also protects your neck, shoulders, upper back and hips, so you can go ahead and add more weight to your barbell without worrying about discomfort while maximizing your gains.

More Information
  • Top Quality: Made of anti-slip foam cushioning, reducing the risk of slippage and improve grip, helping to absorb all shocks for increased comfort and reduced injury.
  • No Straps Needed: Features a fitted slit for easy application. Remove the barbell pad in the blink of an eye.
  • Build Your Best Body: We’ve worked hard on creating a Barbell Pad that can help you lift heavier in the safest way with extreme comfort.