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COREFX 50' Battle Rope

  • The COREFX Battle Rope provides you with an efficient, low-impact workout that will dramatically increase your strength, explosiveness, endurance and overall cardio and conditioning, fast.


    • Top Quality: The Battle Rope is the top choice for all trainers. It won’t shred, fray or shrink as it’s made of 100% premium grade nylon rope.
    • Ultimate Grip:  Features  heat-sealed plastic handles so you can perform vigorous battle rope exercise.
    • Easy Set Up: The battle ropes flexible design makes it easy to roll up and take almost anywhere- from home to the gym, park, or beach and back again. 

    Why You Need It:
    The COREFX Battle Ropes are the ultimate strength and conditioning workout and will take your cardio to the next level, while increasing your reaction time and metabolic rate!

    How It Helps:
    The COREFX Battle Rope will give you a full body workout and will help sculpt your muscles, improve your endurance, and kick your cardio up a notch!

    What You Can Do With It:
    The COREFX Battle Ropes are a simple tool that virtually anyone can use to get a full body, dynamic workout in. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged, but among the most popular are undulating movements that cause the ropes to move in waves. Even add squats, lunges, jump squats or lateral jumps while working the ropes.