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CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

  • Add strength training to your cardio workout with the CAP Adjustable Weighted Vest. The vest is made with breathable mesh with adjustable clips to match your body type. Once on, the vest helps you gain strength and burn additional calories regardless of your activity, from aerobics to sports. The vest is weight adjustable, with each steel-shot packet weighing approximately 0.75 lb. Just start with just a few weight packets and then add more as you get stronger. Other features include reflective safety strips to keep you out of harm's way after dark and an integrated pocket for an MP3 player or cell phone. Built with neoprene padding for comfort, the vest's one-size-fits-all design fits both men and women.

    • All weights are removable
    • One size fits all, hook and loop adjustable belt
    • Padded shoulder straps
    • Accessory D-rings
    • Made from durable and breathable material
    • All modeled shots are of the 40lb vest for style and fix – weight pocket layout changes with size

    Each weight packet is filled with iron ore fines.

    • 40 LB - 16x 2.5LB
    • 50 LB - 12x 4LB
    • 60 LB - 15x 4LB
    • 70 LB - 17x 4LB
    • 80 LB - 20x 4LB
More Information
  • Made from reinforced nylon and polyester
  • Fully adjustable waist belt and padded shoulder straps allowing for a snug and secure fit
  • Adjust total weight by removing or adding individual weight packets. Each packet is filled with 2.5 lb of iron ore fines
  • Ideal as additional resistance for any body weight training. Anchor hooks designed for parachute run training. Includes reflective stripes for easy visibility if used during walking or running