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Weight Plates for Exercising at Home

July 25, 2023 4 min read

Weight Plates for Exercising at Home

A weight plate is necessary for you when you want to perform certain exercises in your home. It allows you to build your muscles with the best results. Do you want to lose weight and improve muscle strength? Then, you should consider using a weight plate that will help you lead an active lifestyle. You can utilize a weight plate on a barbell or rod to do various exercises accordingly. However, it would help if you chose suitable weight plates for your workout program. This, in turn, gives ways to reap the benefits in various ways, and you can get a perfect shape. Many options are available for your home gym, and you should evaluate them properly before investing your money. 

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Things to consider before buying weight plates

Before buying a weight plate, you should know the different sizes available on the market to help you make the right decision. This is because it is available in several sizes and you should know more about them in detail. You have to choose a plate based on your fitness goals. For example, if you are a beginner, you should always start your training with a lightweight. If you want to perform high-intensity activities, you should consider using medium to heavy plates to get the desired outcomes.

Types of weight plates you can choose for your home workouts

Standard plates and Olympic plates are the two types of plates available for your home gym that will help keep your muscles in good condition. A standard plate is ideal for you if you are in the beginning stage. On the other hand, Olympic plates are a perfect choice for you when you meet exact needs in advanced strength training. They are stable and safer when compared to a standard plate. You can use them for training and workout activities to enhance your muscle conditions. 

Types of Olympic weight plates

Olympic weight plates involve different types, and you should know about them in detail before investing money. 

1. Technique bumper weight plates 

A technique bumper weight plate is ideal for you to perform Olympic lifts with high accuracy. The primary advantage of this plate is that it creates a safer environment in your home because it comes with rubber-coated materials. You can even protect the floor when you drop the plate from a height while doing exercises such as snatches and presses. It is a basic and straightforward weight plate that is available in lightweights. If you are new to Olympic lifting, then you can benefit a lot from this bumper weight plate. They come in 2.5kg and 5 kg weights, and you can choose them based on your choices. 

2. Training bumper weight plates 

A training bumper weight plate is suitable for training purposes and enhances durability for a long time. It is also resistant and more robust, enabling you to learn weight training gradually. When you want to overcome weight training complications, you can pick a training bumper weight plate because it allows you to practice movements and positions with ease. 

3. Rubber weight plates 

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A rubber weight plate features an extra layer of rubber coating that provides ways to reduce noise and other problems while performing essential activities. It comes with virgin rubber, and you can routinely change weights for different exercises. Furthermore, the plate is available in 10lb to 55lb, and you can select the right one depending on your needs. On the other hand, it is not suitable for you when you are allergic to rubber materials. 

4. Competition bumper plates 

A competition bumper plate is well-known for its quality and performance levels. Besides that, it is incredibly consistent and accurate that it will help gain more benefits. If it features shock absorption and a thin diameter enabling, you perform strength training activities with high performance. Another thing is that it comes with colour-coding so that you can identify the same accordingly. 

5. Fractional plates

Fractional plates follow the international federation colour code and size specifications that will help get the desired outcomes. It even comes with high accuracy when you perform the activities involved in a strength training program. You can use them to ensure weight gains in your training.

Where to buy weight plates?

You can buy weight plates based on your lifestyle and fitness goals. Since they come in various sizes, you should choose them based on your workouts. Deciding the right online store that caters to your needs while buying a weight plate would be best. MAGMA Fitness is a leading online store in Canada that specializes in offering a wide range of plates for weight training purposes that help you to tone your muscles.

The store allows you to buy them with options that help accomplish goals with high success rates. You can order high-quality products from the store at the best prices to help save your money. They are ideal for doing different types of exercisewhich provide ways to lead an active lifestyle. You can also contact the customer support team to know more about the details of the products. Satisfaction guarantee is the primary objective of the store while delivering goods to customers. The plates offered by the store allow you to improve your muscle conditions and health significantly.