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Understanding the Different Weights Available in Bumper Plates

January 26, 2024 3 min read

Understanding the Different Weights Available in Bumper Plates

What Are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are a type of weightlifting equipment designed for Olympic-style lifting. They are made from a hard rubber material and have metal inserts to provide a secure grip for the barbell. The main benefit of bumper plates is that they protect the floor or platform from damage due to drops, as well as providing a more comfortable workout experience. Bumper plates come in various weights and sizes, so it’s important to know how these different weights work when choosing the right set for your training needs.

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Understanding Different Weights Available

When it comes to bumper plates, understanding the different weights available is key to maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts. The weight of each plate is typically measured in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs). Each weight has its own specific color, which makes it easier to distinguish between them.

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The most common weights available are 10kg (22lbs), 15kg (33lbs), 20kg (44lbs), 25kg (55lbs) and 32kg (70lbs). These are the standard weights used in Olympic weightlifting competitions, but there are other weights available such as 5kg (11lbs), 7.5kg (16.5lbs), and 40kg (88lbs).

Most bumper plates will also come with a diameter of 450mm (17.7 inches). This is the same size used in Olympic weightlifting competitions, and is necessary to ensure the plates fit correctly on the barbell.

Benefits of Using Bumper Plates for Weight Lifting

Using bumper plates for weight lifting offers a number of benefits compared to traditional iron weights. The main advantage is that they are much safer to use since they reduce the risk of injury from dropping the barbell. The rubber material also helps absorb the impact of the drop, reducing the chance of damaging the floor or platform.

They are also much quieter than iron weights, making them ideal for indoor settings where noise levels need to be kept low. Additionally, bumper plates are easier to grip and handle because of their larger surface area.

Finally, bumper plates are more versatile than traditional iron weights, as they are suitable for a variety of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want to get the most out of their weightlifting workouts.

Choosing the Right Bumper Plates for Your Training Needs

When choosing bumper plates, it’s important to take into account your training needs, as well as the type of exercises you plan to do. If you plan on doing Olympic lifts, then you’ll need to choose plates with the correct weights and diameters. For general strength training, the standard weights should suffice.

It’s also important to consider the quality of the bumper plates, as this will affect their durability and performance. Look for plates made from a strong rubber material with a solid metal insert that can withstand the stress of heavy lifts. Additionally, look for plates with a good grip to ensure they stay put on the barbell during lifts.

Finally, consider the budget when choosing bumper plates. While they can be expensive, they are worth the investment if you plan on using them regularly. Look for sets that offer good value for money, with a range of different weights and sizes to suit all types of training.

Bumper plates are a useful piece of weightlifting equipment, offering a number of advantages over traditional iron weights. They protect the floor or platform from damage due to drops, provide a more comfortable workout experience, and are suitable for a variety of exercises. When choosing bumper plates, it’s important to consider the different weights available, as well as the quality and budget. With the right set of bumper plates, you can get the most out of your weightlifting workouts.